We believe sourcing entertainment should be effortless

We organize it all so you don’t have to! Enjoy full-scale service: ceremony music, drinks reception music, singing waiters, live band and DJ. We coordinate 7 of the musical essentials, cutting extra weight from your wedding woes, so you can relax and enjoy your day hassle-free!

We’re more than musicians

Not all players are performers! Our musos are cherry-picked from the finest crop of professionals, ensuring both musical talent and stage presence. After all, it takes BIG personalities to light up a room!

That’s why we believe charisma and showmanship is just as critical as the sound. Bottom line, we live to entertain!

What instruments are included

Our standard line up consists of a piano, bass, guitar,drums, along with the option of more add-ons. Brass(trumpet or sax) or female vocals are by far our most popular request, but we can help you choose the right additional instrument to capture the style and mood of your event.

Customise and build your band

Expand our 4 piece band with female
vocals or saxophone or trumpet or both to create your ideal style and impact. Based on the size of your party or venue, we’ll help you curate the perfect combo for your big day.


It’s your night! Every minute counts! From the moment you say “I do” to when you’re popping champagne at 1am, our reputation is built on making these experiences feel as exhilarating as possible.


Think of us as storytellers—we see every wedding as a new narrative! Let’s open your chapter…

4-Piece Band

A 4-piece band piece band is the most common arrangement in rock and pop. This configuration includes lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums.
In flawless harmony, our anthems and reception tunes will elevate your celebration to spectacular proportions.

Reception Music

Serenade your guests as they mix and mingle. Our subtle mood-setting music attunes everyone to the spirit of the occasion. Filling the reception hall with classic and contemporary melodies, we shape the atmosphere to build buzzing anticipation for the incredible party that awaits!

Ceremony Music

Elegant and tasteful, our instrumentals honour your ceremony with grace and dignity. Whether you desire a cheery, lighthearted vibe or a more romantic and refined feel, we’ll create the perfect ambiance to make your wedding vision a reality!

Singing Waiters

Sprinkle some extra entertainment flavor on your dinner tables—our secret surprise servers burst into song for every course! Trained in a variety of vocal styles, these talented gents are champions of flair, drama and amazement. We guarantee expert showmanship and that captivating wow-factor your wedding dinner deserves!

Pro DJ

Our DJs are expert spinners who specialize in beatmatching, originality and rhythm. Needless to say, they do way more than just fill the silence.. Each time our band finishes a set, our mixing maestros keep the energy high and pumping, fueling every dancer to party all night!